Who am I?

Hello there 👋,

My name is Trimo Leksono, I love building products. I love brewing arabica coffee. So here are quick things about me and my work.

I have 11 years of experience and counting in the Digital and Technology world. I know how to execute a strategy and how to create a good strategy.

As a leader, I believe in developing a people-first culture that prioritizes fairness, integrity, empathy, and collaboration. I look to surround myself with people who are driven by similar principles.

As a long-life learner, I believe coaching and mentoring can help people to find the peak of their version. With active listening, I have a better understanding of the people and build empathy.

I’m a Liverpool FC and Juergen Klopp big fan and supporter, and I love how Juergen Klopp built Liverpool FC team from an average team to the top club in England and Europe. I used a lot of Juergen Klopp approach to managing a team and people, I love how Klopp used personal touch to lift player’s confidence and personality.